Product Management

Sourcing and managing products just got easier!

Universal Product Clipper For All Browsers

No need to change browsers just to add products to your catalog, Mydoma Studio has you covered. Our product clipper tool is right in your bookmark bar and allows you to clip products, and all important information directly from a webpage. Not only is the product added to your catalog but you can also add it right into a project!

Product clipper interior design
product management interior design

Smart Syncing

Create your own product catalog and source products from your favorite vendors. Add measurements, multiple images, links, pricing, finishes, product codes, manufacturer etc. As you edit product information in your catalog, it is synced across all projects. This saves you tons of time of going through all projects trying to change the same thing.

The product catalog makes it very easy to find specific products with intensive filters and search options.

Product List

Simply add products from your catalog to a project and watch the magic happen as Mydoma Studio does the math for you. At glance you’ll be able to see your purchase price versus the price your charging your client. You can even pass on a discount to your client too! With one click you can generate tear sheets with product specific data. 

When clients login they can see their product list(s) and approve or flag products for revision. You can also toggle if you don’t want your client to see the product code, manufacturer or retailer URL. With only a few clicks you can suggest new products from your catalog. All costs are automatically totaled up as new products are added and old ones are removed.

Product lists- Mydoma Studio
pricing sheet for interior designers

Detailed Pricing Sheet

The pricing sheet is auto-generated off of the client product list. At a quick glance, you can see all the products you’re ordering for a particular room/ project, the price you’re paying, the price the client is paying and your profit! Clients DO NOT have access to the detailed pricing sheet. The pricing sheet is easily printed to PDF or exported to CSV.

Complete control and project transparency at your fingertips.

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